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Zoom Security Presentation for Region 10 membership

Updated: May 27, 2023


Update 27/05/2023: The meeting details have changed

Due to unforseen issues, our Zoom Details have had to change from what was advertised in our flyer. We know it's really short notice and we're really sorry for the inconvenience this causes you. We sincerly hope you still make it.


Learn how to be an effective host and co-host at online meetings and how to be confident if there is an intruder, while acting in accordance with our Traditions.

Time 2pm - 3.30pm New Zealand Time

Meeting ID 851 7670 9890

Passcode Serenity

The training session is open to all OA members in Region 10, which includes East Asia, South East Asia, Australia & New Zealand.

The contact person for this presentation is Johnny M: The presenters will be from the OA Virtual Region and are highly experienced with Zoom security issues.

(Please note that you will be unable to host a meeting when joining on a mobile phone, for technical reasons).


A flyer for a zoom security presentation on may 28 at 2pm NZ time

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