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Welcome to Overeaters Anonymous 

Overeaters Anonymous is a worldwide fellowship, with members from all over the world! 

There are 10 geographic regions as well as a 'virtual' region in OA.

Regions are composed of groups, intergroups*, and service boards within specified geographic boundaries and the virtual community.

  • OA is therefore divided into 11 regions.

  • Auckland Intergroup is affiliated with Region 10.

  • Different regions hold various events, workshops and meetings that you may be interested in.

Click on the map below to be linked to our world wide fellowship. 

*When several groups / meetings form in an area, they may form an intergroup to be directly responsible to the groups they serve. Intergroups provide service for local groups / meetings, and provide information about OA in the community. 

A world map that highlights our organizational structure into 10 regions and we're region 10

Further Helpful Information

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