As of 1-June-2020, face to face meetings are slowly re-opening in Auckland.  Zoom meetings are also still available.  Please see below to find a face to face or an online meeting. You are not alone!

Please go to the following link for an up to date listing in the Asia Pacific region. 

Region Ten English speaking online/phone meetings: 5 Apr - 27 Sep, 2020

The meetings listed on this page include all the meetings in the Auckland region.  It also includes meetings in Rotorua.  For additional New Zealand meetings as well as worldwide meetings, please go to OA Find A Meeting

*Closed meetings are for OA members only, or for those who have a problem with food and “have a desire to stop eating compulsively.” Open meetings are available to anyone interested in Overeaters Anonymous' program of recovery from compulsive eating. Anyone may attend open meetings as observers.

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