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Unable to join this meeting

We’ve received reports that some fellows are not able to join a meeting and they’re receiving a message similar to the screenshot below.

screenshot of zoom's unable to join this meeting prompt

What is it?

There is a security feature referred to as Requires authentication to join a meeting/webinar. This is a security feature in Zoom where meetings can require participants to be logged in with a Zoom account. In the screenshot above, this is the message we receive when we try to connect to a meeting without logging into a Zoom Account.

What's Changed?

On May 2, 2023, Zoom made a lot of changes to this security feature which includes this message on this prompt. It’s confusing because we don’t know what a commercial Zoom account is and we can successfully log in with a free Zoom account.

What do we need?

All we need is a Zoom account. We’ve tested and confirmed that we can log in with a free Zoom account.

Note If you don’t have a Zoom account, simply sign up for one. It’s free.

Why do some of our meetings require authentication to join?

There was an increasing number of Zoom Bombing or Zoom Raiding incidents. Some of our meetings have been hijacked by the insertion of material that is lewd, obscene, or racist in nature. Some had to shut down their meeting sessions. Some had fellows who were severely affected by some of the incidents that occurred and left their meetings feeling unsafe. As a result, some of our meeting groups decided through group conscience to require authentication to join their meetings.

How does requiring authentication to join a meeting help?

Requiring participants to sign in with a Zoom account provides a more effective way for Zoom to identify these individuals and track their online activity. Zoom can take a more proactive approach to our reports and also contribute towards more effective security practices which improves the experience for everyone.


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